Suar Agung


I Ketut Suwentra - Artistic Director

I Ketut Suwentra, the founder and director of Suar Agung was born at west bali, Negara Jembrana regency on 12/12/1948. He is a talented artist in music and balinese dance, and specializes in Jegog music.

I Gede Oka Artha Negara - Associate Director

I Gede Oka Artha Negara is an accomplished composer, choreographer, dancer, and musician from Bali, Indonesia. He is the Associate Artistic Director and a leading performer in Gamelan Suar Agung, acknowledged as one of the finest and most influential jegog ensembles in Bali.

A graduate of ISI (Bali's National Academy of the Arts), Gede considers it his mission to spread appreciation and knowledge of jegog music around the globe. He began studying Balinese performing arts as a child in West Bali in the village of Sangkaragung, Negara, under the tutelage of his father I Ketut Suwentra, a renowned artist and the founder and director of Suar Agung. He continued his studies at ISI, where he specialized in composition and bamboo music.

In Suar Agung, he has taken on many of the teaching responsibilities and has led the group in prominent festivals throughout Indonesia and abroad - most recently in Holland (summer 2007) to appear in the International Gamelan Festival, Amsterdam. Suar Agung is credited with promoting the rebirth of bamboo music and has gained a reputation as a leading contributor to the genre in their activities of preserving, presenting and teaching rare forms of bamboo music. They have recorded several CDs and VCDs, and appeared in a 1998 documentary film about Zakir Hussain and his exploration of rhythmic ensembles throughout the world, titled "Zakir and His Friends".

I Nyoman Kazuko Makita - Manager

I Nyoman Kazuko Makita is manager of Suar Agung Jegog Group, she was borned in Tokyo Japan on 26 September 1946.